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From: douge@nti.com (Doug Eigsti)
Subject: Re: (urth) let it be, let it be
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 15:56:52 

[Posted from URTH, a mailing list about Gene Wolfe's New Sun and other works]


	Although I, too, think Michael Driussi's LEXICON URTHUS is
excellent, I would not say that the depths of Urth have been plummed. I
will not soon tire of discussing the minutia of NEW SUN. I can, however,
echo your sentiment of widening the discussion to Wolfe's other fine
	Let me start by commenting on one of the books you mentioned,
PEACE. This is Wolfe's first great book. The piece that declared to all
that he is now a master, his masterpeace. It still contains the greatest
number of nested stories of any of his books. Yes, It does read like a
series of connected stories, but they are not connected linearly, as is
Bradbury's THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, but vertically, stories within stories,
revolving around the life/death of Weer(Wolfe). Alden Weer manipulates his
after death "reality" to the extent that the reader is kept guessing as to
what is a real event and what is a death dream; or a dream within a
daydream in the real world. Even among Wolfe books it is difficult to
describe to someone the wonders of PEACE, but let's not let that stop us 
from trying.



	Since there is no naming convention for NEW SUN it would be 
easier to retain our Vironeese names. It is in the same universe as Urth, 
or maybe we can't even agree on that.

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