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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Swan, Jonasmiles
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 17:42:00 GMT

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Speaking of fin-de-siecle aristocracy, I think that Thecla's birth
sign is a pointer towards Proust.  Specifically, one of the more
heroic characters in REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST is a doomed nobleman
named Swann; his torturous and jealousy driven love-life incredibly
anticipates that of Marcel the narrator (is he imitating Swann or is
he remembering Swann so vividly because later events conspired to make
him into a Swann-clone?), in a manner refreshingly open to those who
have wrestled with the "Severian and first-Severian" paradox; Swann's
daughter Gilberte is one of the two love-objects in Marcel's life, but
it is the other one (Albertine) who becomes entombed within Marcel;

Re: Typhon's operation.  Don't forget V, ch. 38 and 39.  Also factor
in the young ages of the offspring gods of the Whorl. Cobble
together a timeline and put it up for review!

Re: what resurrected Typhon.  I don't want to alarm you <g>, but remember
that whole thing about child sacrifice?  About how maybe, just maybe,
Jerboa killed a human child, for which he was impregnated with a
piece of Pas?  Well, on Urth little Severian was charred ala Moloch while
running towards the wedding band of the idol's dexter sinister (note:
idol looking in sinister direction of sunset rather than holy
direction of sunrise).  (Typhon claims to have seen the boy get blasted,
but was that an astral body vision?)  Anywho, such practices fall
under the heading of "tanist."

In a round-about way, I argue that it was the Claw; but I agree with
you (or hope that you will agree with me?) that the Claw is a creepy and
capricious thing.

Like Jonas/Miles.  Happy version: Miles as the name of his peg-leg;
in Yesod Jonas was repaired into a fully biological creature, came
back to Urth in the past (Yesod time flow being the way it is),
joined the army still hunting for Jolenta, was killed near Orithyia;
coincidentally found and resurrected by Severian.  Aside from the
incredible coincidence, all points function within known bounds:
Claw, Yesod, lost souls searching for their loved ones (Dorcas and
her husband; alzabo and Casdoe's family), etc.

Disturbing version: Miles a victim; the Claw aids and abets astral
body Jonas to hijack the newly resurrected body of an anonymous dead
soldier--why?  Because Severian needs a friend at that moment (!).
This would be an unusual trick for the Claw, but then, that's part of its
nature, too--doing the unexpected.  Miracles.

Severian seems to believe the disturbing version and (I think) doesn't
even consider the happy version.  FWIW.

"Jonasmiles" like the Chesire cat?


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