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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Hunting the WeerWolfe
Date: Mon,  5 May 97 05:24:00 GMT

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I haven't re-read PEACE recently, these are just things off the top
of my head that I recall PEACE-niks going on about, over and through.
(I have been reading some interesting PEACE articles, though--check
the "New York Review of Science Fiction" on-line index if you're
interested in recent developments in this department.)

Right, Weer is dead.  Nutria gave that one away right off <g>.
Supposedly Weer's been disturbed ("awakened," "sent a haunting") by the
blowing over of his grave tree.

Re: murders.  Well there's Bobbie Black and the freezer kid, for
sure.  But some readers have gone on to look at the next tier of
likely candidates: Librarian Lois (gold fever), Aunt Olivia ("if she
were hit by a car, the town's creative intellect would die" line), Sherry
(avoid scandal/blackmail), and so on until it seems that practically the
whole town is on the roster.  Then there is the curious fate of Weer's
father--what happened to him?  The odd rant against hunters (and that
Weer's father was a hunter) suggests to some that Weer may have killed
his father in a "hunting accident."  And, to continue this thread into a
FIFTH HEAD manner, that Weer did some jail time for this (or maybe another

Re: names of town.  Right, at least those two.  In "The Changeling"
it is "Cassonsville,"  fwiw.

Re: book of Gold, I was asking about biblio(s) from Mr. Gold.  But
within the context of Urth's "Book of Gold."

Hey, isn't anybody else going to talk about PEACE around here?


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