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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) recent Wolfe stuff
Date: Thu,  8 May 97 16:38:00 GMT

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The F&SF (Oct/Nov '96) story is "The Man in the Pepper Mill," which
IMHO harkens back to "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories."
Or maybe you are thinking of the F&SF (Jan '97) story "No Planets
Strike," which features talking animals in an interstellar clown

The anthology SPACE OPERA, edited by McCaffrery and Scarborough, has
"Bluesberry Jam," a dystopian near future (or perhaps "dark future"
captures the sense better?) story.  My favorite of the 1996 shorts.

(Me, I finally got and read "The Sailor Who Sailed After the Sun," in
the anthology GRAILS: QUESTS OF THE DAWN.  While it isn't even
remotely Urthian, seeing as how it is set in a "City of Lost
Children" sort of world, it is possible to read it as an overview of
the Urth Cycle.  Which is disturbing in some ways; since, if you look
at it this way, the first Severian is a nice boy and his successor,
the Severian of the narrative, is literally a very clever monkey.
"Revenge of the Tanist?" I'm wondering.  All from my soon-to-be
patented school of over-reading, "Uberlesen!")


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