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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) obscure Wolfe
Date: Wed, 14 May 97 05:42:00 GMT

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M. Gallo,

LETTERS HOME is just that--the letters Gene Wolfe wrote home while he
was in Korea during the Korean War.  Some wags seem to fancy it a
fiction, a novel.  Perhaps too gullibly I accept it at face value as
non-fiction.  As such it is difficult to compare with any of Wolfe's
other work.

BIBLIOMEN (Broken Mirrors Press) is a special collection of short
character sketches, most of which have not appeared anywhere else.
(Thematically: all the characters are looking for books in one way or
another.)  Originally published by Cheap Street, the Broken Mirrors Press
edition has a few more characters added =and= it costs a lot less!
Comparing it to other Wolfe collections: well, it is much shorter
and yet, as I wrote above, the pieces are thematically tied
together--so it is almost like a very short novel.  But it isn't.

I have this problem in reading a collection of Wolfe stories: I tend
to gobble them up, one after another, about as fast as I can; as a
result I get the equivalent of an ice cream headache after five or
six stories.  Point: I did not have this happen when I read BIBLIOMEN
in one sitting (probably another reason why I sense it is "like a
short novel").


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