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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v002.n0
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 97 23:51:00 GMT

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Matt Freestone,

Interesting point, and it is true that I seem to have taken the crazy
Pete passage out of (spaghetti-like) context.  My point was to
suggest that the Peter Pan cycle was locally eternal, but this may
not be supported by the text.

OTOH, Schuyler's timeline for PEACE gives 1954 as the year "Weer
consults Dr. Van Ness."  Which is at odds with my chronology for
"Changeling," precisely by the ten year amount that Schuyler's
timeline is at variance with other PEACE timelines.  Strange.

 1931 -- Maria Palmieri born in Chicago; youngest US soldiers of
Korean War born.
 1932 -- Palmieris move to Cassonsville, where 8 year old Peter
appears and warps reality around him.
 1934 -- fourth grade class of 1944 born; narrator Pete born in
 1939 -- Peter is Maria's twin brother.
 1940 -- Paul Palmieri born in Cassonsville.
 1944 -- fourth grade photo (in spring); Pete wrestles with Peter
Palmieri over fate of a frog (and Pete had hit Maria with a
rock); Pete and family leave Cassonsville (change names?) (in
 1945 -- fire burned old newspapers.
 1949 -- Pete's father dies in Buffalo.
 1950-53 -- Korean War.
 1953 -- POW exchange, Pete refuses and goes to China where he
works in a textile mill.

 [1954 -- in PEACE Weer consults Dr. Van Ness, according to Schuyler.]
 [1957 -- circa, Weer talks to Bill Batton; Eleanor Bold asks to
plant a tree on his grave; he sees Charlie Turner]

 1959 -- Pete back in US, faces court martial.
 1964 -- out of US prison, Pete (changes name?) goes to

 [1969 -- circa, Sherry Gold dies; Weer has stroke]

[Note: Schuyler's timeline for PEACE is in "New York Review of
Science Fiction No. 91," March 1996, p. 17]


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