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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Hildegrin's motives
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 97 15:50:00 GMT

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Vodalus describes himself as revolutionary, but notice that his plans
(and Thea's dreams) are usurpation of the throne, restoration of
the Monarchy, and galactic empire rebuilding.  He wants to go back
along that old track; his version of revolution is really
"restoration of exultant supremecy" rather than "transformation." In
the chess analogy, Vodalus says that his side is the black side, fwiw.

When Severian tells Vodalus he has the Claw, this scene might aptly
be termed "The Temptation of Vodalus."  And Vodalus is tempted, but
he says that his masters Abaia and Erebus would think him turned
traitor, so he refuses.

Thus: Abaia and Erebus are in the anti-New Sun Entropy Gang (with
Erebus being the big winner in the Ragnarok future timeline
sweepstakes); Vodalus is their puppet.  Hildegrin, learning something
of the Big Picture in a Vodalarii upper echelon strategy session or by
piecing it together himself, opts to go for the long shot
"Terminator"-style sneak attack.


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