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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Indian Rope Tricks
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 97 00:14:00 GMT

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Sioux as French for "cutthroat" (er, "cultellarii"?) now =that= is
very interesting, since it ties in =exactly= with the element of "The
Tale of the Boy Called Frog" of TBOTNS, wherein the teacher of all
these animal Kiplingoids is called, not the expected Baloo the Bear
(hmmm), but the Naked One, "who was also called the Savage, or Squanto"
(III, ch. 19).  This character is the one who taught Frog to plough the
fish, leading Frog to plough his twin brother Fish; this name belongs
to a Native American Indian of the Pawtuxet tribe who is said to have
taught the pilgrims how to plough the fish.

Interesting that the teacher character in both stories (TS and TBCF)
is linked to a Native American Indian name.

OTOH, since he looks like his throat has been cut, does this mean
that we have at long last determined the group that cut him?  (One
presumes that the "Cutthroat Tribe" got their name for doing unto
others rather than self-inflicting, no?)


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