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From: Dan Parmenter <dan@lec.com>
Subject: (urth) Hethor, Hethor bo-bethor banana-fana fo fethor fe fi fo methor
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 10:51:08 

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Hmmm, just for fun I did an Altavista search on "Hethor" and came up
with the following, from a page that gives a "Kabalarian" analysis of
the name.  "Severian" is not in there, but "Agia" and "Ultan" are.
Here are Hethor and Agia.  Despite Wolfe's interest in things
Kabalistic, I somehow doubt that these analyses have any merit
whatsoever.  But I present them:


Your name of Hethor gives you the ability to understand people and to
merge conflicting viewpoints to create harmony in association. You
dislike facing issues or witnessing hurt feelings. You make friends
easily but must guard against becoming involved or being too easily
led. You could do well working with the public giving advice, but find
it difficult to make snap decisions and to occupy a leadership
position as you lack confidence and you are indecisive. You dislike a
great deal of heavy manual work; you are inclined to put plans off
until forced to take action. You find it difficult to be systematic in
business and you dislike budgeting. When on your own, you lack the
energy, confidence, or initiative required to bring an idea to
fruition. This name creates weaknesses in the fluids of the body,
kidneys, or glandular system.


Your first name of Agia has given you a very friendly, likeable,
artistic, and musical nature, but you lack the incentive and drive
necessary to realize your ideals. With this name, you desire the nice
things in life but you do not always have the strength and vitality to
put forth the effort necessary to fulfil your desires. This name
causes you to lack stability and you will always be involved in other
people's problems as long as you continue to use it. You have high
ideals but lack the practicality, self-confidence, system, and
concentration that is necessary to materialize them, and as a result,
many times you suffer disappointments in people. Although your name
creates a loveable, idealistic nature, it is far too sensitive an
influence to allow the stability and practicality of mind you need. In
health, this name affects the nervous system and could cause hysteria,
fits, or intense nervous conditions. It also affects the fluid
functions, kidney or bladder weaknesses.

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