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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Dis, Dat and D'Otter
Date: Sat,  6 Jun 98 03:21:00 GMT


Right, the smoking, weight, barber at R--I meant to include that!

Appendix the timeline(s), that's what I think.  Dividing the
dictionary/concordance from the essays--Terminus Est, if you will.

Re: the weird twinness between V.R.T. and Number Five.  V.R.T. has
dreams of the labor camp robots killing him (p. 232) at what looks to
be the time that Number Five saw the robots go berserk and kill
prisoners, three years into his term (p. 77).  Makes me wonder what
was going on in Number Five's life when V.R.T. sacrificed Dr.
Marsch--that would be about four years before the murder of Number


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