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From: Neal Smith <nsmith@micro.ti.com>
Subject: (urth) Fifth head times 2 brothers
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 15:38:22 

	I agree with Tony that the existine Annese race was an offshoot
of the human race (or vice versa) at one time.  In addition to the
direct clues, which have been mentioned several times, I also think it
is stated metaphorically, in the middle novella.

	The two brothers (Eastwind and Sandwalker) were separated
at birth, and came together later.  They were convinced that they
would switch bodies, then one was killed, leaving the remaining
uncertain which one he had been originally.  While this does not
strike me as plausible in the story (there should be too many physical
clues as to which he was), it is a good metaphor for the two races.
That they were brothers, long separated, indicates another piece
of evidence that the two races came from the same source, though
long since separated.  One of the brothers dying off and the other
being uncertain of identity echoes the same issues with respect to the
two races.

	So, in addition to the clues presented over and over again,
I think the metaphor indicates also that the reader was meant to 
think of the two races as linked.  When in time the migration should
be placed, however, is not clear to me.

Neal Smith

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