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From: "Alice Turner" <al@smtp.emailserv.com>
Subject: (urth) Hey, abo!
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 12:29:15 

I'm not going to quote from prior messages because I'm at work and Ranjit,
wisely I think, took away my ability to get the list here. But mantis has
been hopping with rage (simulated partly, methinks) over my dismissal of
Borski's dippy reasoning re Aunt Jeanine (I gather you two boys have been
egging each other on via email), and I guess I have to address this.

 Now let's see--you seem to have shied away from the photo theory (and a
good thing too). But there's the cripple theory; let me spell it out for
those whose eyes have glazed over: Aunt Jeanine must be an abo because she
hasn't regenerated her legs. And, by reasoning and analogy, I now present
you with a new fact: Severian is an abo too! Wait, there's more: Silk is an
abo! In fact, the pages of Wolfe's fiction simply crawl--not that is not the
right work, they simply *hop* with gimpy abos. And therefore, since you too
have been hopping, mantis, you must be an abo!


BTW, Peter Stephenson, I really liked your Dante translation. It had a
certain something. I wish you'd get a Vironese name too. This group is
chock-a-block with Peters. So to speak. (Of course Peter *is* a Vironese
name in its way.)


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