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From: "William H. Ansley" <wansley@warwick.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) 5HC: Maitre triumphant?
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 01:02:06 

>>First of all, it seems likely that a great many people on St. Croix bear
>>"Wolfe genes" perhaps most of the general population. This is why there is
>>a "St. Croix" planetary face (which is Number 5's/Maitre's/Mr. Millions.s
>>face). This is due to Maitre's (and his predecessors', we can presume)
>>practice of selling off his (their) "pratice" clones in his (their) role as
>>child broker or slave broker. There is probably a higher percertage of
>>Maitre's genes circulating in the St. Croix gene pool than is true of any
>>other individual on any other planet in the 5HC universe.
>I guess that would depend on the status of the children born of slaves
>fathered (or mothered) by the owners.

I am not sure that all of the GW trial clones were sold as slaves. While it
may be true that the brisk business in children in Port-Mimizon (and
elsewhere on St. Croix) is mainly to provide fodder for unsavory practices
and the little victims will be discarded after being "used up" or children
to be raised as slaves, it seems possible that some people may buy children
because they can't have their own and these children may become part of the
family legally and are the heirs of their adoptive parents. The status of
slaves notwithstanding, unless we see a very selective group of individuals
in 5HC, there are an awful lot who look like Number 5/Maitre.

And there is the business of the planetary face: (p. 34 Scribner's ed.)

... Here, most of us have a kind of planetary face, except for the gypsies
and the criminal tribes, and you don't seem to fit the pattern."
  He [Dr. Marsch] said, "I've noticed what you mean; you seem to have it
  "I'm supposed to look a great deal like my father."

This implies, at least to me, that a majority of people on St. Croix look
"Wolfe-ish". Now, this may not be because they have genes derived from GW
clones; but it is suggestive.

Here's *another* mystery of 5HC. The next line after the passage quoted
above (spoken by Marsch) is:

"Ah," he said. He stared at me. Then, "Are you cloned?"

Why would Marsch say this, especially since the conversation just before
seems to be leading to a sort of "Isn't it funny how alike everybody looks
on this planet" conclusion? Even more strange, since it seems as certain as
anything in 5HC that the Marsch here is really VRT impersonating Marsch,
how does an ignorant boy (who may be only half human) come up with this
guess? Sure, he's been studying Marsch's books, but would anthropological
relaxation be a major part of any of them. Has Marsch memorized (and
mastered) everything in all the books?

Oh, well, I'm not sure even (the real) Gene Wolfe could answer all of our
questions about 5HC, even if he would.

William Ansley

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