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From: Miles Goosens <outdoorminer@MINDSPRING.COM>
Subject: (urth) Book review?
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:43:50 

Maybe I slept through mention of this here, but I just read this on another
(music-related, nominally) list that I'm on:

>And I'm a bit afraid that Mr. Wolfe is turning into an old fart.  Not only
>was the LONG SUN tetralogy a distinct letdown, but I recently read a review
>that he wrote in which he made lame and gratuitous anti-"political
>correctness" asides.
>I hope this is just a phase...

Anyone know what review this person is talking about?  If so, what does it
actually say?



"Gettin' piss-drunk, givin' the players a hard time, throwin'
a chicken bone at the cop - that's what baseball is all about."
	-- a lout from Cleveland two rows in front of me at 
a Tigers game, waxing rhapsodic about how Indians games used
to be

Miles Goosens


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