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From: Peter Cash <cash@rsn.hp.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v015.n002
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 11:47:17 

alga wrote:
> With due respect, Sarge, sir, this becomes a ridiculous argument, similar to
> that of science-meister scolex. The two of you are replacing Wolfe's text
> with text of your own, yours involving an elaborate background for Marsch
> and his for Aunt Jeanine. There a word for that, and it isn't analysis, it's
> fan fiction (okay, two words).

Like scolex! I am crushed. But not dissuaded! 

I fail to see how my central contention that Marsch killed V.R.T. is
"ridiculous" or involves making up text. Indeed, who killed whom seems
to have intentionally been left ambiguous by the Author; I fail to see
why one conjecture is innately more ridiculous than the other. True, my
"spy story" involves some ...er...construction on my part--you may
suggest a more elegant explanation of Marsch's motivations, if you like.
I would welcome it.

> >And what color are alga's eyes?

> Mud-colored. And I must warn you, sir, that fraternization between ranks is
> inappropriate behavior.

Since you are a civilian, madam, that is hardly relevant. And the
Sergeant is very fond of mud. 

Sgt. Rock

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