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From: "Jason Voegele" <voegele.6@osu.edu>
Subject: Re: (urth) Black hole vs. wormhole
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 23:04:20 

prion wrote:
>However, if a black hole really was at the center of the sun, or even
>touched it, it would absorb all the material of the sun in seconds,
>growing a small bit (relatively) in the process.  Urth would be
>circling a black hole, not a red dwarf.

While your theory that the cancer at the heart of the Sun is a wormhole
(rather than a black hole) is interesting--and perhaps true--it is not
necessarily true that a black hold would consume the Sun so quickly as you
assert.  Black holes have been given a reputation for being super powered
vacuum cleaners in outer space.  However, a black hole has NO effect (other
than the normal gravitational attraction any other massive body would have)
on objects that are not within the proper radius (Swarzchild radius, if I
recall correctly).  Thus, a small black hole could be moving around slowly
within the heart of the Sun, sucking up little bits and pieces as it went,
without an instantaneous mass-consumption of the Sun's energy.  Witness
David Brin's EARTH, or Dan Simmons' HYPERION for an example of a black hole
slowly eating away at the Earth's core.

Jason Voegele

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