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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) Mars
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:24:27 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

In Tracking Song, the planet apparently relates to Mars, as many
people have said (such as it's like the old pulp comics that always
happen on Mars).  Does it also symbolize the state of war between the
animal tribes?  What does the planet Mars symbolize to American Indians?

In The Book of the New Sun, what we call Mars is called Verthandi (the
Norn of the present).  In the Tale of the Boy Called Frog, the god
Mars in the Story is called Spring Wind, whose horoscope showed him to
be unbeatable in battle.  His sons, Frog and Fish, correspond to
(among others) Romulus and Remus.  Frog gets adopted by wolves and
escapes a smilodon.  The story also features Squanto (an American
Indian), who teaches Frog.  I know this whole story is supposed to be
like The Jungle Book, but it seems a lot like Tracking Song, too. 
Does anyone see any other parallels between these two?  Well, a Frog
jumps, like Cutthroat did (it couldn't be, could it?).  I'm not sure.


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