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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) Re:  Black hole vs. wormhole
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 08:38:51 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Peter Stephenson wrote:

>I suspect prion's right about what a real black hole >would do to the
sun.  I don't necessarily think that >matters to Wolfe.

It is possible Wolfe wouldn't have known or cared about the real
effects of a black hole in the sun.  However, since the story would be
entirely scientifically plausible (in general) if it were a wormhole
instead, which is what I have been arguing.  It also is refered to as
a "worm" in several parts of The Book of the New Sun.  I think this is
meant to be a pun on wormhole.  The reason he would want to make this
pun, is that in Norse mythology the decay of the universe is caused by
a worm (what we call a dragon) who is gnawing at the roots of the
World Ash (a giant tree that leads from Heaven to Hell).


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