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From: "Jason Voegele" <voegele.6@osu.edu>
Subject: Re: (urth) Re:  Black hole vs. wormhole
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 14:39:24 

Well, I've pretty much given up on the debate about a black hole absorbing a
star in a matter of seconds since I don't have the facts to back up my side,
and prion seems to know quite a bit more about the process anyway.  But this
statement has me a little confused:

prion wrote:
>Scientists still don't know the exact size a black hole must be in
>relation to the star it's absorbing to completely absorb it (and it's
>more complex than just a ratio on these two things).

Are you suggesting that there is some critical size for which a black hole
is able to completely absorb a MUCH larger star?  If so, what about a black
hole that is VERY small, on the order of a few nanometers in diameter?  Of
course, I doubt such a thing could occur naturally, but the text suggests
that it's an artificial creation anyway (at least in the sense that it
didn't occur without some bit of tinkering by someone out there).  Would
such a small black hole still be capable of absorbing a star so quickly?

Anyone on a close personal relationship with Stephen Hawking?  8^)

Jason Voegele

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