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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) YetAnotherSadMan
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 98 22:56:00 GMT

Mark Millman,

No need to apologize--valid remains your main point about the
parallel between old buddies who grew up together then had wildly
different adult lives, one became an avatar and one became a boat
bum, and yet both been done wrong by their women . . . well, just
goes to show how gender segregation cripples 'em, and how their
own stereotypes ("as torturers are to clients . . . as women are
to men") generate their destinies.  And why the old guys are always
weeping into their matte down at the cafes on the river.

Distinction between Maxellindis and Syntyche is sorta trivial in this
particular application.

Back to the city itself: "Old" Citadel implies a newer one (I'd call
it the Citadel of the Archon).  Notice the starting point for "The
Map"--they are over on the west bank!  Wha-hoo!  Land of the lion pit
and the statue of Night atop the khan!  Or maybe just a bit south of
that.  There's a wharf, and near the wharf is an inn called Cygnet,
and a few blocks inland from there is a goldsmith at the sign of the
Osela.  Well then, what to call this quarter?  "Birdland"? "Maestus
Quarter; the melancholy place where dreams die, just this side of the
grave"?  "Treasure Of Sierra Madre"? <g>


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