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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) time buildings
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 98 14:47:00 GMT


Re: the Atrium not =traveling= in time.  Well, in certain
applications the Botanic Gardens don't "travel" in time, either--they
are just static windows, each in a different epoch of real time (in
both senses: the time is real rather than faked; time passes within
the window at the usual time).  And the Last House doesn't dart
hither and yon, either, it just blips forward (another case where
subjective time/life is expanded; the House is only there one day out
of three or so)--and once again, the windows of the upper floors look
out onto different epochs of real time.

The time machines that flit about are vehicles rather than buildings:
the flying saucer of O, B, and F; the starship Tzadkiel; etc.

I agree with you that the Atrium is or represents something like the
Axis of Time, the unmoving spot of the Urth, a place outside of time,
a terrestrial imitation/intimation of Yesod (if that is what you are
saying).  It seems to me that all this requires some time
architecture, like that used in the Botanic Gardens, the Last House,
and the Corridors of Time (granted this last one is the break-away
architectural technique whereby one constructs and deconstructs around
oneself, like Gumby's magic train that has train tracks appear ahead
of itself and disappear after its passage).


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