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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Space Museum
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 98 21:28:00 GMT


Right, not all the buildings in the Citadel are former ships--just
the towers, and maybe not all of them.  The buildings: the picture
gallery is made of brick, I think; then there are the barracks/city
street-like structures they go by on their way to Echopraxia.

My thoughts on zoetic transport ala Noah's Ark--I had it the other
way around.  Not that the mission never materialized, but rather, it
did: that Earth was denuded of flora and fauna, a fallow desert; that
sometime before Typhon or with Typhon, zoetic transports brought
plants (including the avern) and animals (from alzabo to ylespil)
from all over the galaxy; that having completed this reseeding
mission, at least one transport was abandoned to rest on Urth like
the Ark on Mount A--or wherever legend had it resting.

Re: animal husbandry and beast master rites ("bestiality"?).  You are
right, and among other things it shows how very little Sev knows
about his own lifelong neighbors, the beast handlers and the witches
(who =knows= what the Red Tower is all about).  (We actually know more
about the beast handlers, even though he never met any within the
text--and he met one or two witches!) OTOH, since Wolfe often has
puns come to life in his work, I can't be certain that the beast
marriage isn't really carried out.


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