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From: Michael Straight <straight@email.unc.edu>
Subject: Re: (urth) Digest Urth, or brains thereof
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 11:17:07 

On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Charles Dye wrote:

> That said, yes, the regime does have some problems.  It also has a
> few advantages.  Fr'instance, it's easy to decide whether or not an
> individual claiming the Autarchy is the real McCoy.  He knows the
> words!

I have to admit some confusion on that point.  Wouldn't anyone judging the
Autarch also have to know the words in order to recognize them?  Shouldn't
any such person be able to speak "the words" and pose as the Autarch?

Are they perhaps some sort of hypnotic triggers that people recognize but
are unable to remember?


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