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From: "Robert Borski" <rborski@coredcs.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: David as Maitre 2
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:10:05 


It's kinda neat--your idea of David being Maitre #2, the junior officer who
reviews VRT's case. I'm not sure I buy it--David's a wee bit on the spoiled
side if you ask me, and does not seem so much interested in power as he
does glitter and celebrity and the spoils of being rich. Witness, how in
regards to killing Maitre and locating his treasure trove, "David talked
about hunting in the grand style, and the political power money could buy."
It also seems odd that he wouldn't remark upon or notice that the male
slave looks exactly like his father and brother. (Unless subconsciously
this is why he helps him escape the silk-mite factory...). Nor does he show
any unusual reaction when he reads in the interviews how VRT deduces Maitre
has been murdered. Also, if VRT is initially arrested on the suspicion of
having murdered Maitre, is it likely even a corrupt French military
tribunal would allow Maitre's own son to determine the alleged murderer's
fate (especially since Marsch is thought to be Terran) and never have David
mention the irony once?  I'm also not sure the time element would allow
David to rise in the ranks this fast, especially if he's bedridden with a
major leg injury at the time of Maitre's murder.

But in the interests of open-mindedness, I also point out David plays a
military man--a captain of the chasseurs--in the summer play he, # 5,
Phaedria et al stage. And he does have sex with another possible abo
(Cassilla), the same way his father did if Celestine Etienne indeed is an
abo. So who knows? I've built theories on less.

Robert Borski

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