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From: "Jason Voegele" <voegele.6@osu.edu>
Subject: Re: (urth) Peace: non ho capito
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 01:35:13 

|I am not sure if I am thinking of the same discussion of _Peace_ that you
|are (although I remember only one) but if I am then "good" is perhaps
|overstating it. What I remember is a lengthy discussion (which I started)
|about what Weer knew about Napolean's hand. It reached no definitive
|No wait, that's wrong. I am just remembering that there was also a
|discussion about whether Weer killed everybody else in _Peace_, long before
|I joined the list.

Yes, this is the one to which I was referring.  OK, maybe "good" was
overstating it some, since we barely scratched the surface, but there were
multiple posts covering multiple subjects, so at least a good start to a
good discussion has been set in place.

|I just looked it up. The original _Peace_ discussion was in the Urth Mail
|Archive Volume 1. The "Napolean's Hand" discussion, which also has its
|points of interest was split over Volumes 10 and 11.

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