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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Hierodules
Date: Wed,  2 Sep 98 13:52:00 GMT

Mark Millman,

Good summary of the possibilities.

Interesting how native lifespan figures into time travellers: OB&F
(dog lifespan); Inire (past his years); Father Thyme (physically ages
as he travels); Master Ash (hint of Thyme as he walks to answer the
door--Severian hears old footsteps growing young and virile).

In thinking about the odd trinity of OB&F, working off the idea of
B&F being children and/or larvae, and assuming that once they are
grown up O will leave them as two, a couple--then I wonder about Adam
and Eve, and the naked couple dropped of by Hierodules in the play as
well as (repeatedly?) in the reality.  (Re-seeding the fairie, as it

Or do they just grow up into those silent giant statues that roam the
gardens of the House Absolute?  They are certainly alike in terms of
angelic beauty.


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