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From: "J. Schultz" <jschultz@wcnet.org>
Subject: (urth) Father Inire
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 19:00:38 

>> [quoting mantis]
>>>Happily, Inire seems to be just enamoured by little exultantesses, and
>>>is no evidence of his actually molesting them. Boy, wouldn't that be an
>>>embarassment to the reign of the Autarch Severian.
>>I certainly hope no one reading this list thinks that Charles Lutwidge
>>Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) molested any children. He didn't. He also wasn't a
>>child pornographer - mantis was joking (I hope).
>In fact, Inire seems decidedly un-Carrollian in the "Father Inire's
>episode.  He takes Domnina away without her parents' permission; he
>frightens her; his explanations seem to confuse rather than educate.
>He speaks general relativity, rather than charming nonsense.
>Still, the connection is definitely there.  Mirrors and little girls.  And
>notice how coyly Father Inire drops the name "pleasance?"

Remember that this story is told by a young woman, who heard it as a young
girl, who heard it from a young girl, about a mysterious figure.  Father
Inire's role in the HA is not even understood by the Exultants, who wonder
if FI is the true leader of the common wealth.  Thecla's purpose in telling
the story is most likely akin to telling a ghost story.  ("Whooo, the scary
monkey-man who lives in the walls of the House Absolute!)

J. Schutlz

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