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From: "Robert Borski" <rborski@coredcs.com>
Subject: (urth) khaibits
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 00:38:50 

> I think Barbea is unlikely as a candidate as she is a khaibit and
> a clone of the original (somewhere I think Inire or Apian came out and
> that directly).  

In CLAW, Gurloes tells us khaibits are "common girls that look like the
chatelaines. [But] I don't know where they get them." Severian, in his
first and only visit to the House Azure, believes them to be recruited from
the poor. But in CASTLE the Autarch implies they're clones, "grown from the
body cells of exultant women so an exchange of blood will prolong the
exultant's youth." So which is it?

If clones, as asserted by the Autarch (who is himself a master of
deception), why are khaibits somewhat shorter--as both Gurloes and Severian

On the night that Roche and Severian visit the Echopraxia, the Autarch
tells them the women at the House Azure have been flown in by flier. But
when alone with his khaibit, the "Chatelaine Thecla" tells him that she and
Gracia have come by sleigh. Given that it's winter and snowing, is it
likely that she and Gracia have come all way from the House Absolute, where
the Autarch's seraglio is located? The House Absolute is well outside
Nessus, remember, and even by destrier, in winter this would be some trip.
And what of the other two hookers present--the Chatelaines Thea and Barbea?
How have they arrived? (And why are fake Thecla's clothes so tacky?)

If beloved, alzabo-ingested Thecla has a clone, or has undergone
rejuvenation via bloodsharing, Severian does not mention the memory of
either. Nor does the leech who attends Severian when he's recaptured by
Vodalus. His idea of rejuvenation, because "youth is contagious," is to
sleep with a 13 year old boy. And if cloning is practiced in the
Commonwealth, are there any other mentions of it in the BotNS?

I claim wiggle room here.

That being said, I do think Jon Camfield's
sis-might-be-in-the-Healer's-Tower proposal to be at least worthy of
consideration, especially if he can  find any secondary textual evidence.

Robert Borski

ps: I'm surprised no one's mentioned Merryn's calling Thecla "sister" in
the fever dream Sev has in the lazaret. 

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