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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Terminus Est's Jovinian
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 98 02:04:00 GMT

Robert Borski,

Actually this Jovinian is another example just like Fechin, whom we
were just talking about.  Who was this Michelangelo of metal, such
that even scum like Agilus whisper his name in awe?  And how many
other swords did he forge, what were their names, what were their
fates--were they basically every named-sword we know of from myth and
legend?  Hrunting, Gram, Joyeuse . . . all the way down to
Frogsticker of Ponds. <g>

Or maybe these cases (Jovinian, Fechin) are flags of "high
culture/high civilization"; things are so high falutin' that even a
hermit in a hut and a rag shop ruffian know a bit of the quality
stuff--just like swineherds knew their Homer.

Anywho, my wild guess, based upon what happens with Terminus Est, is
that it was a gift to Palaemon from some "altruistic" exultant(s) in
the Thrax area (altruistic in the sense of wanting the guy who cuts
off your head to have the best equipment available--you don't want him
having to take two, or seven, or twelve cuts).  Maybe even someone
from the Diuturna area (seeing as how that is where it is returned,
in the end).

Once accepted, it was property of the guild, and became such a
treasure that I'm sure they would only sell it under dire
circumstances that didn't materialize in the intervening thirty


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