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From: "Alice Turner" <al@interport.net>
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v019.n028
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 08:02:38 

>Northanger Abbey, actually. (Sorry.)


>From: John Bishop <jbishop@blkbrd.zko.dec.com>
>Subject: Re: Lara of _There_are_Doors_

>    ...Laura is my idea of what a pagan goddess might be
>    who survived into the Christian world...

>This was only a phrase to me until I saw the July 9-24
>issue of "Rolling Stone", which featured Madonna on the
>cover as a blue-eyed blonde.  "Aphrodite!" I said to myself,
>or Wolfeanly, "Lara!".
>There was the beauty--the desirable beauty--combined with
>intelligence and power, and a kind of super-human aloofness
>which tells you that you can desire but you can't hope to
>dominate.  There was the mutable Idea of creative female
>power: reinvented as a blonde, a brunette, as Marilyn Monroe
>or the girl next door.  There was the immortality of a
>creature outside our moral rules.

Given Wolfe's age, Marlene Dietrich as Lola Lola in "The Blue Angel" is
probably more along the lines of what he was thinking of. Madonna is only a
brassy imitation.


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