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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Wolfe Reader Scale
Date: Wed,  4 Nov 98 20:50:00 GMT

Well, okay--another way to do it would be to develop a "Reader
Scale."  Carrying on from vizcacha's vector, re commentators on PEACE
tending to become mantic or borskian, grafted onto an easy five stage
scale.  From super-cautious to wildly speculative:

1--manlove? (So cautious that one denies Dorcas as resurrected and/or


3--vizcacha, the paragon of balance (alas, too often left
unexpressed; i.e., a silent majority of unexamined assumptions)?

4--mantic (hi there <wave>)


But where to put John Clute?  Is =he= the balance?  Or is Joan Gordon
the balance?  Gordon is certainly more conservative in her reading
than Clute is--no Autarch Catherine for her!  (Then again, Gordon
doesn't reveal [to the best of my limited knowledge] that Number
Five's name is "Gene Wolfe," a juicy tip we owe to Clute.)

And what about Peter Wright?


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