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From: CRCulver@aol.com
Subject: Re:  (urth) Alden Weer's Dimensionality
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 22:32:20 EST

Vizcacha said:
<What sort of man is he?  He's something
of a manipulator of women, as evidenced by his various relationships.>

I'm not so sure. After all, he was enough of a gentleman not to take advantage
of the drunken Lois.

<I'm happy to hear from the assembled wisdom that I'm all confused here, but
I each time I read _Peace_ I think I know more about Olivia, or Julius
Smart, or even the Golds, father and daughter, than about Weir.

I feel that way too. Weer is dead, so he's a shade of a man and not really
anything that can be described...I guess.

Christopher R. Culver <crculver@aol.com>

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