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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) "GURPS New Sun"
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 98 00:45:00 GMT

Kieran Mullen and Derek Bell,


Re: selling copies of the manuscript.  Well, probably not kosher,
unless it was somehow "at photocopy cost" and "for the purposes of
playtesting only"--and since the manuscript is 300 pages, it would be
a lot of work, copying and binding, and a lot of postage.  And I'm
even less inclined to send out copies on disk.  But it is a
flattering thought, for which I thank you.

Re: pestering Steve Jackson himself (that is, don't bother trying to
contact the last "GURPS New Sun" project editor, Scott Harding, since
it turns out this long serving lietenant was given the axe last
summer . . . part of the [almost regular, bi-annual] purge, but this
particular downsizing also saw the laying off of a woman who was out
on maternity leave . . . now =that= smells like team spirit . . . ).
It might work, I don't know--Wombat has a better sense of this, I'm

It couldn't possibly hurt, I don't think.

It seems like once every four or six months I get some private e-mail
by somebody asking about "GURPS New Sun" (or offering comments on the
first draft playtest copy) and I always end by asking them to send a
note (and/or a copy of their comments) by e-mail or snail to Steve
Jackson.  "Who knows, maybe you will be able to single-handedly
restart the whole project"--that sort of thing.  Even if 100% of them
did it, that would be only a few notes a year.  Aparently that
trickle is not enough--but a whole bunch of 'em (like a hundred) at
once might do something.

So yeah, "You, my loyal army, comrades in Wolfe, lovers of Urth,
defenders of the New Sun--storm the ramparts!" <g>

"Behind our efforts, let there be found our efforts!"

"Defeat is the springboard of victory, and victory the ladder to
further victory!"


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