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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: Re: (urth) Young Wolfe
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 98 22:26:00 GMT

What Wombat said, except that he meant to say "several early Wolfe
stories which have never been REprinted elsewhere and two early
stories previously unpublished."  Very hard to find most of them in
any other form--impossible to find the last two.  The stories are
(I'm cribbing from "AE&2" page 1 here):

"The Case of the Vanishing Ghost" [1]
"The Grave Secret" [1]
"The Dead Man" [2]
"Mountains Like Mice" [appeared in "If"]
"The Green Wall Said" [appeared in "New Worlds"]
"Screen Test" [3]
"Volksweapon" [3]
"The Largest Luger" [4] (a mystery)
"The Last Casualty of Cambrai" [4] (a mystery)

[1] in a college magazine
[2] appeared in "Sir!" and, much later, "Weird Tales"
[3] appeared in "Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine"
[4] the unpublished ones


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