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From: Michael Straight <straight@email.unc.edu>
Subject: More Days (was Re: (urth) Forlesen -- Thoughts?)
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 12:38:44 

On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Kevin J. Maroney wrote:

> At 11:11 AM 1/12/99 -0500, Alex wrote:
> >Easter would be _Seven American Nights_, I think.  Or perhaps _The Detective 
> >of Dreams_, but the first is my choice...
> "Seven American Nights" hands-down. "Detective of Dreams" is a Christian
> story, but "Seven American Nights" actually has an Easter procession in it. 

Yes, very good.

How about "Detective of Dreams" for Epiphany and "Westwind" for

I can't quite bring myself to suggest "All the Hues of Hell" for the Feast
of the Annunciation.  Ick.

Any ideas for Ash Wednesday?  I'd suggest "Peace" if it weren't a novel.
Maybe "The Packerhaus Method"?  "Peritonitis"?


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