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From: Craig.Christensen@lawson.com
Subject: (urth) Audio Tapes, Neil Gaiman
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 15:58:16 

>Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:33:19
> Has anyone heard the Wolfe audio tapes?  Can you recommend them?
>                 Kieran Mullen

Kieran,  I have a copy of Wolfe reading 'A Solar Labyrinth' and 'the Island
 of Dr. Death and Other Stories'.  They are pleasant to listen to,
though he is a sonorous reader.  I have never heard his interviews on tape
or 'The Soldier of the Mist' on tape.  I would really like to find
the 'Soldier' stories to listen to.

In a barely related story, about  a week ago I went to a local bookstore to
 hear Neil Gaiman read form his new book, 'Stardust'.  He was a very
enjoyable speaker.  After listening to him read a chapter and answer
questions form the audience, I stood in line to have my copy signed.  I
was wracking my mind for something conversational to say to him when I got
to the head of the line.  I settled for, "Please sign it to 'Craig' ".
I got home I noticed the dedication - "For Gene and Rosemary Wolfe".  Doh.

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