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From: Ranjit Bhatnagar <ranjit@moonmilk.com>
Subject: (urth) search & urth & oz
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 19:37:31 

OK, I see you all are getting restless, so I'm getting my act together
and trying to make the list archives more searchable.  As an experiment
I've split URTH volumes 1-22 into individual messages and registered the
approximately 2200 messages with Altavista and Hotbot.
(http://www.urth.net/urth/archives/dirs.html) When these two
services have had time to contemplate the messages (give it a week), you
will be able to search the messages (I'll figure out the details
later.)  I will also look into the, um, personal altavista recommended
by vizcacha.

I'd be glad to put up on the web whatever FAQs and bibliographies you
come up with, finished or not.  Email them to me.

Also, did one of you register the name URTH with the Realnames web
service (www.realnames.com) on my behalf?  If so, thanks.  If not, how
did it get in there?  (Actually, it's not working right now because the
old name "moonmilk.volcano.org" is temporarily out of order, but it will
be fixed soon.  Could whomever registered the name change the address to

And speaking of Oz, I just finished reading _WICKED: The Life and Times
of the Wicked Witch of the West_ by Gregory Maguire.  It's imaginative
and amusing and pretty long, too.  (Kept me occupied during about 7
subway commutes.)
(That last bit gives me a piece of the action.)


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