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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Pat at bat
Date: Mon,  1 Feb 99 19:05:00 GMT


Now, now!  You can't just say that "Nova Express" has a "wonderful
review of the Long Sun Books" and leave it at that.  After all!  You
have strong opinions!  You've read quite a bit of Wolfe crit, you've
writ some, and you've voiced some passions on the various modes of
interpreting and discussing Wolfe's work.

You've written on TBOTLS; it is one of your favorites; you have
authority on it.  We look to you for guidance general and quirky:
honestly, how do you like and/or rate the Wolfe crit?  I've read it,
and I'll bet a few others around here have, too, so it isn't a case
of spoiling it or talking about something nobody else has seen.  To
the contrary, discussion might spur sales--it certainly couldn't hurt

And furthermore, you also know something about Oz, do you not?  Since
I know nearly nothing, I'm counting on you to keep an eye on the Oz
thread.  (I'm sure alga is watching, too, but you Oz people are so

Talk, Patrick, talk!


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