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From: CRCulver@aol.com
Subject: Re:  Re: (urth) Two Wolfe Comments
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 17:25:35 EST

<<I couldn't agree that the message of "Prufrock" is "old age is a living
death". If it's summed up anywhere, it's in the lines "Do I dare\Disturb the
universe?" It's about a life wasted in hesitation and self-doubt>>

I disagree. My English teacher and most of the literary criticsm about the
poem think that "Prufrock" is about the an "embittered and horny old man" (I
can provide the source for this tomorrow once I get to the library) who cannot
accept his lack of power when it comes to seducing women. And so, without the
ability to propogate, his life begins to be without attraction.
The poem, does, however, go on to a sort of nihilistic viewpoint in which the
lives of people, no matter how old they are, are basically pointless.

I shall review the literary criticism tomorrow and prepare an explanation of
why I think the poem is applicable to PEACE.

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