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From: Fantasma <cglst7+@pitt.edu>
Subject: (urth) Ubermensches
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 08:00:57 

Reverend Jack wrote:

>Typhon struck me as more of an "Uebermensch" (Overman), what
>happens when a human considers himself without bounds and
>acts thusly. c.f. Hitler, Stalin, etc. Typhon was
>responsible for too much creation/progress to be Satan,
>metaphorically or otherwise. 

It's an interesting side-point that a great deal of Wolfe's protagonists
seem to be ubermensches themselves, genetically if not ethically. That is
to say, they are very handsome, strong, intelligent, insightful, adept at
defending themselves etc., much more so in all these categories than the
average Jack. Examples include the two tetralogies, the Soldier series,
"Silhouette," "The Dark of the June," "Seven American Nights," and many
others. Great Objective Gods of the Mailing List, answer me: why? I
suppose it's a part of the epic but it doesn't seem tremendously
autobiographical, except in the case of Mr. Wolfe's extraordinary
perception. I appreciate your thoughts--

                                Your Favorite Superman,


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