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From: "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey@stic.net>
Subject: (urth) Beuzec
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 03:21:36 

    I know this character was discussed last summer, but not much came of
it. In re-reading _Claw_ I was struck by the fact that Beuzec never has a
speaking part and serves no real plot function. He might as well not be
there. This set off alarm bells, particularly as Sev supposes Beuzec to have
disappeared into the walls of the House Absolute, never to be seen again.
Then he states that these recesses are said to be "inhabited by a species of
white wolf" (chapter XIX). I find that to be, literally, unlikely. But,
given Wolfe's propensity for interjecting himself into his stories,
metaphorically it could be that there is indeed a "white Wolfe" there.
    Further, I offer these lines, pasted from a translation of a French web
page dealing with Saint Budoc. Beuzec is but one of several forms of that

* Biography and/or legend
The late legend of Budoc says that he is the son of holy Azénor and the
count de Goëllo. His/her mother, rejected by her husband who believes that
it is pregnant of another man, is condemned to be locked up in a barrel and
pier at sea. When the barrel was opened, Azénor came out with a baby: Budoc.
Collected to the monastery of Beauport close to Waterford with his mother,
it would have passed her youth to Ireland.

Monk missionnaire it would have évangélisé Cornwall and would have become
abbot of the monastery of Youghal where it had covered the frieze. Its Vita
says that to escape dignity archiépiscopale it would have passed to armoric
Brittany in a stone coffin. Unloaded in Porspoder (Finistère) it would be
finally establishes in Plourin-Ploudalmézeau (Finistère). Tradition reports
that it went to Dol where it arose to the Magloire bishop, who accepted it
like an envoy of the sky, awaiting only this opportunity to resign its load.
Budoc wisely controlled the diocese during 20 years.

    "- In the calendar of Supplementum missalis AD normam one finds at
December 9: Budoc, archbishop of Fraud (of the 8 déc.)"

    "- Lavret island (Coast-in Armor), the tradition says that the monastery
of the saint was in this island, close to Bréhat."

    Archbishop of Fraud? Bréhat=Briah? There is more, but I think the
translation suffers from political correctness, and I don't speak French.


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