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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Context,Source,&Names
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 99 02:30:00 GMT


Context: notes in a letter.
Source: a letter received by me in February.
Names: a letter written by Gene Wolfe.

Maybe I'm telling stories out of school, I don't know!

(And hey, Wombat, I just bought [don't ask how much] a copy of WEG's
"Tales of Arabian Nights."  What a beautiful board!  What an
enchanting game design!  I hope to actually play it for the first
time sometime during the week.  I also got "Oregon Trail" and "Kung
Fu 2100," so I guess I've been on a binge.)


P.S. I loved the "Complete Gene Wolfe--a collection of Wolfean
artifacts published throughout the years [in NYRSF]"
list/advertisement in the latest issue.  MAYBE YOU SHOULD REPRINT IT

Holy Cow, the whole set (30 issues) would cost $105 for
non-subscribers; only $60 for subscribers.

And yet, as I look it all over, I wonder that we haven't done more!
Makes me want to put down everything and write a Wolfe essay . . .
inspirational, that's what it is.


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