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From: "Mitchell A. Bailey" <MAB@lindau.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) Constellations
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 20:40:01 

Thanks, mantis. That'll teach me to draft letters before my coffee kicks
in, and to study southern constellations more diligently.

Well, the conclusion is inescapable, given this many examples of
constellations of our time still recognized by Severian, that Urth's sky
as described in BNS is not consistent with the theory that Sev's time
lies in a "far future" millions or tens of millions of years hence.

I notice there's a Bull, but no minotaur. hmmm.

Is your book available retail anywhere? I don't trust the Internet with
my credit card just yet.

m.driussi@genie.com wrote:
> Amphisbaena (III, ch. 14)
> the Cross (III, ch. 18; V, ch. 49)
> the Crotali (V, ch. 49)
> the Eight (IV, ch. 25)
> Great Bull (III, ch. 18; IV, ch. 23)
> Hydra (III, ch. 18)
> Ihuaivulu (II, ch. 29)
> Little Wolf (III, ch. 18)
> Peryton (III, ch. 13)
> Septentrion (I, ch. 18)
> Swan (IV, ch. 23)
> Unicorn (III, ch. 18)
> Wolf (III, ch. 18)
> =mantis=

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