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From: "Alice Turner" <akt@ibm.net>
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v026.n001
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 08:54:00 

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> From: "Ori Kowarsky" <orik@sprint.ca>
> Christoper R. Culver wrote:
> "I think that the "judge" version of Tzadkiel, analogous to the Archangel
> Michael, would be certainly be divine. Whether of not he receives
> communication directly from the Pancreator is one of the more interesting
> mysteries of _Urth_."
> I do not blieve that Tzad is remotely connected to the Archangel Michael,
> either motive or substance.  If he comes off like an angel on the Day of
> Jugement this is a carefully orchestated effect, done for the benefit of
> and his personal, shall we say, demons.

Now wait a sec here. Tzadkiel is not Michael but s/he certainly is an angel,
not an archangel like Michael, but a sufficiently great and important being
for Urth/Ushas. S/he is the Angel of Divine Justice. (My info comes from
Gustav Davidson's -A Dictionary of Angels-, Free Press 1967, which is not
one of those idiotic gift-books of angels, but a scholarly work). I don't
have the book to hand, so cannot tell you more, but I do have a xerox of the
list of the 30 top angels (and the 103 fallen angels).


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