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From: "Jim Henley" <jlhenley@erols.com>
Subject: RE: (urth) The Conation of Catodon; Severian's skull (long)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 23:24:33 

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> Why
> isn't Juturna concerned about Abaia's demise both just before
> and after the
> flood?  Was she somehow bound to go back and save Sev because of
> his words
> about it, but still hoped to manipulate him in Abaia's favor in the past?
> Just a few thoughts.  My apologies if "Sev's skull" has been dealt with
> before.

Well, here's another one: why would massive flooding kill a bunch of giants
who _live in the water_?? The only thing I figure is that if you're a giant
who lives in the water and get caught above a sea bottom that decides it
wants to be a continent now, you've got problems.

Something else?


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