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From: Redhaven1@aol.com
Subject: (urth) The Commonwealth: North or South
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 19:25:09 EDT

I'm new to this list, so I apologize if this has already been discussed.  In 
TBOTNS the Commonwealth is always refered to as being in the south and the 
Ascians are from the north, giving rise to the speculations that the 
Commonwealth might be in present-day South America.  But I seem to remember 
reading somewhere that scientists believe that the Earth's magnetic poles had 
reversed sometime in the past (perhaps more than once).  Has anyone else 
heard of this?  In the movie 'Waterworld' the heroes finally found the 
legendary 'Dry-land'  by realizing that when an ancient map said 'North', it 
actually meant 'South' because the north pole was now the magnetic south.  If 
TBOTNS is far enough in the future, couldn't it be possible that this had 
happened in its past and then the Commonwealth could possibly be in the US or 
maybe Europe?  Again, sorry if this theory has already been put forward.


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