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From: "Greene, Carlton" <CGreene2@hunton.com>
Subject: (urth) Juturna's Backstroke (long again)
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 10:19:17 

I wrote:

<<Sev says of Juturna: "She saved me once when
I was a boy" and then to her "Do you remember that?"  Juturna replies "No.
It hasn't yet occurred.  It will, because you spoke.">>

Then Vizcacha wrote:

<<I've always assumed that this means that Juturna will now swim through
time and
then Gyoll to assure that Severian is saved.  That is, it is the Juturna of
present of _Urth of the New Sun_ who goes back and saves him from drowning
_Shadow of the Torturer_.>>

I completely agree.  I guess what puzzles me are Juturna's motives for doing
so -- i.e. why go back and save someone whom you know will bring the New
Sun, if your master is dead set against it.  Perhaps the opportunities for
befriending, molding, and diverting Sev early in his life were worth the
risk of assisting in the creation of a New Sun messiah.  Or perhaps Juturna
is a traitor to Abaia.  Or  maybe Abaia changed his mind.  Anyway, a bit of
a mystery.

I also question what is meant when we are told that the New Sun will
"destroy" Abaia and Erebus.  It may be meant literally (i.e. increased solar
radiation or rising water temperatures or whatever will kill them) or it
could be meant figuratively -- i.e. it will destroy their minions the
Ascians, as well as the rest of humanity that they sought to enslave, thus
effectively eliminating their power and the object of their desires (though
we are never told why they wanted mankind so bad).

Certainly the New Sun seems to have little effect on Juturna, who is seen
frolicking and munching fish in the waters of Ushas.

One problem with the Sev's skull theory I advanced is that it assumes a
copying of Sev a la the Tzadkiel/hierodule "writing in the sand" style of
resurrection.  However, we know that when Sev performs miracles via the
power of the New Sun, he does so by a different method -- direct
reconstitution of the dead -- a literal re-animation (returning the anima).
Since we have no reason to believe that the undines can resurrect, and there
are no obvious heirodules about, there is a problem there. (of course, there
is no generic problem with Sev performing miracles at this time -- he brings
Triskele back).

One final notion.  At one point (no cite, sorry) after bringing the New Sun,
Sev notes that his ability to draw on the power of the New Sun for miracles
is gone (presumably because his job in bringing the white fountain is done).
If so, how does Sev travel from Ushas to the time of Apu-Punchau at
Juturna's direction? -- it seems from the Apu-Punchau chapters that the
walking of the corridors of time takes some energy source.  (This in turn
begs the question of how the green man does it).

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