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From: "Greene, Carlton" <CGreene2@hunton.com>
Subject: RE: (urth) NORTH/SOUTH
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:16:22 

> Jim Jordan wrote: 
<<"My own thinking started by noticing that Blind Ultan is Borges..." >>

Tom Urash wrote:

<<That's brilliant! My love and admiration for BONS has just gone up another
level. Borges as old Ultan - I can only grin like an idiot and shake my
head. Thanks, Jim.>>

Jim, can you give some support for the assertion that Ultan is Borges?
Haven't read the passage in some time, but Im a big Borges fan (it was
Wolfe's resemblence to Borges that got me interested in TBOTNS) and would
love to see the connection.


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