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From: Ouroboros <ottofaij@yahoo.com>
Subject: (urth) Severian the Liar
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 13:43:53 

<<<<I really can't think of any instances (other than
things that are just odd--who said what on page #1)
where Severian outright lies.>>>>>>>>

I have a hypothesis that every time Severian mentions
his unparalleled memory, there is a Roche/Drotte-type
contradiction of fact before and after it. Eventually,
I'll test that hypothesis, but, Ron, since your just
beginning to reread the cycle, keep an eye out for it.

I also believe that Severians "resurrection" from the
Nessus is the point where Severian the Concilliator,
Severian the New Sun, begins. If anyone is looking for
a connection between Severian and Jesus Christ, this
is it. Severian is just a torturer's apprentice until
then. The bottom of the Nessus is the grave, and when
Severian comes out of it, he's totally new. 

My point is that Severian's statement that he's a
habitual liar need not be treated concurrent with the
story since it could be read as refering to how he had
behaved before.

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