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From: "William H. Ansley" <wansley@warwick.net>
Subject: Re: (urth) More lies
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 22:58:14 

>Now, these are just a few examples I stumbled across without really trying,
>where Sev is either lying for no good reason that I can see, or, more likely
>(unless Wolfe is sloppier than I believe), where Wolfe is showing the reader
>that Sev's memory is less than perfect--or both.

Poor Gene Wolfe! He can't make any mistakes at all. If he does he is either
accused of being sloppy or strange theories start to blossom in the minds
of members of this group. (Of course this happens all the time, anyway, and
I certainly don't exclude my own mind.)

But we know he does make mistakes. He himself said so, in answer to a
question asked him by members of this list.

Then again, Wolfe brings this kind of comment on himself by being
incredibly subtle, indirect and downright tricky.

William Ansley

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